CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. Certain professions or employers require their employees to complete a number of CPD hours of skills training per year.

All of our courses have associated CPD point values.

Learner registrations can currently be paid by

1.  Debit / Credit / MasterCard Payment

2.  PayPal

3.  Proforma Invoice

1.  Debit / Credit / MasterCard Payment

Payments are  processed online via the safe and secure Stripe payment gateway.  Course access is immediate following a successful payment.

2.  Paypal

Payments are processed by PayPal on their secure server.  A PayPal account is not required for card payments.  Course Access is immediate following a successful payment.

3.  Proforma Invoice

This purchase option is made available when 5 or more user accounts are added to the cart. A Proforma Invoice is immediately sent to the customers email address with a payment link.   Orders placed using this payment method are initially placed On-Hold until a cleared payment is received by Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.  Cheque payments are not accepted.


Discounts are available for Multiple User Account purchases and are based on the Quantity of user accounts purchased.   Discounts can be applied to Course Combinations as they are entirely based on the Cart Quantity.

Discounts are automatically applied by the system during the checkout process.


10    –    49   Users  – 10% Discount

50    –    139 Users –  25% Discount

140  –    199 Users –  32% Discount

200 + Users           –  40% Discount

User accounts are dormant at the time of purchase and will not expire.

Group Leaders can assign user accounts to learners from their control panel.  Learner accounts receive 90 days course access from the date they are assigned by a Group Leader.

INDIVIDUAL LEARNER ENROLMENT  (applies to first time registrations)

  2. Select the course you require and click the BUY NOW button.
  3. Click or Tap ADD TO CART.
  5. On the checkout page enter the customers’ details.  If the course is being purchased by another party on behalf of a learner, the BILL PAYERS details should be entered here, and once registration has completed the NAME on the account may be amended to that of the learner. 
  6. Choose the payment method and tick the ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS box
  8. Once payment is completed you will be immediately logged into your account and you will also receive an email with your LOGIN details.


Learners who register and pay for our courses directly receive 90 days course access from the registration date.

Learners who are assigned user accounts under a multiple learner course booking receive 90 days course access from the date that the account is assigned to them.

No we offer digital certificates only, which are sent to the learners email address immediately following a successful exam submission.

By offering a ‘self print’ only service, we are able to maintain our unique low price point.

Self print certificates are generally accepted nationwide.

If a Group Leader wishes to re-register a learner whose course access has expired, using their original email address, they should use our contact form to request that we amend the learners’ account details to allow them to do so.

As learner registrations form part of the transaction record, expired learner accounts cannot be removed from the group list.

Once learners are re-registered their names will appear twice in the group registration learners list, representing their active and expired accounts.


You can purchase an INDIVIDUAL user account and once you have received LOGIN details you may amend the account NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS to those of the learner.

The REMOVE  button appears next to the name of an enrolled learner who has not yet started the course and is within the 90 day course access licence period.

This button can be used to:

1. Remove a learner from the group in the event that their email address was mis-entered by the Group Leader (within the course licence period).

2. To remove a learner from the group who no longer wishes to participate in the training (within the course licence period).

What happens

This will automatically remove the learner from the group and increase the available user registration credits.

Not to be used

This facility should NOT be used if a learner has reported that they have not received login details.  On such occasions the Group Leader may use the RESET PASSWORD button.  This will send a password reset email to the learner.


Once removed, the email address can not be re-added to the group, as this will link to the previous session which may have expired.


There are no age restriction on learners taking our courses and there are no prerequisites.

We retain certificate copies for 12 months and a copy may be requested using the CONTACT US link on the top menu bar of the ONE Training Services website

Requests will only be accepted on an individual basis where the NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS entered on the contact form submission matches the registered NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of a learner in our database.

There is no charge for this service.

Our card payments are processed by third party payment processors.

The card payment processor matches the NAME and ADDRESS entered in the BILLING section of the registration form to card registration address

The  course is made available when the transaction is at COMPLETED status.

The status of the transaction can be viewed by clicking the ORDERS link in the MY ACCOUNT dashboard and  the transaction can be completed by viewing the contents of the CART.

Managers may enrol their staff using the Group purchase option.

What does GROUP mean

This refers to the registration of learners under an Admin control termed a GROUP. Group Leader accounts are Admin only accounts and do not have course access.  All learners will receive individual course access when assigned accounts from the group. 

How to purchase
  1. Choose the GROUP option (first time registrations)
  2. Enter the number of learner accounts required in the registration box
  3. Click ADD TO CART.
  4. On the CART page ensure that the number of learners has been correctly entered.
  6. On the CHECKOUT page enter the Bill Payer’s details.
  7. Choose the payment method and tick the ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS box
  9. Once payment is completed you will receive an email with LOGIN details for your FREE Group Leader account.  Your purchased learner account credits will be automatically added to the group.
Do learners have to be enrolled immediately 

No.  Accounts purchased under the group option are initially added as credits to the group and will remain dormant indefinitely until they are used for learner registration.  They will never expire.

Enrolling your learners – 90 day licence

Group Leaders may assign accounts to named learners from their control panel.  Login details are then sent automatically to the learner by email, and thereafter course access is available to the learner account for a period of 90 days from the date they are registered.

How do learners access the course

Learners will receive individual login details by email,  immediately following their registration by the Group Leader.  Learner progress can be monitored from the Group Leader account

Can a Group Leader take the course

Yes.  If a Group Leader wishes to take the course they should assign an account to their name from the GROUP using a different email address for their learner account.

Payment Methods

Payment options are Card or PayPal and BACS/CHAPS for Orders over 10 user accounts. A Proforma Invoice will be issued following the initial online order.

Bulk Purchase Discounts

The discounts available for multiple purchases are
10 – 49 Users (10% OFF)
50 – 139 Users (25% OFF)
140 – 199 Users (32% OFF)
200+ Users (40% OFF)

Discounts are applied automatically on a transaction basis with the group being created immediately following the completed transaction.

Using an approved provider like ONE Training Services ensures that you will receive approved, certificated training which is fully compliant with the requirements of regulatory bodies.

A CPD approved certificate is a way of demonstrating your understanding of a topic for a visiting inspector or for an employer if the course is required for CPD Point accumulation.

Our course certificates offer learners documented evidence of the date the exam was passed with a unique certificate number.  The certificate number can be verified on our website.


We do NOT display an expiry date on our certificates, only an award date.

Certificates for our courses do not expire after a certain time period.


Online exam submissions are marked by the system automatically and you will be able to download your certificate to your email address immediately following a successful exam submission.


If you wish to enrol 2 or more learners you should choose the GROUP option on the SIGN UP page.

A FREE Admin account will be created which will allow you to assign purchased user accounts to learners.

User accounts purchased under a group registration are initially dormant and will remain active indefinitely.

Once a user account is assigned to a named learner, the learner will have 90 days access to the course materials. Access will cease following a successful exam submission.

Learners will receive an on-screen notification of their course access expiry date each time they access their account.


You may resit the final exam on all of our courses, on as many occasions as necessary within the 90 day course access period, at no additional cost.

No there are no prerequisites for our Level 2 courses, you do not need to take Level 1 course before taking a Level 2 course.

Compliance courses are generally recognised as.

Level 1 course – Workers at Low risk

Level 2 – Workers at High Risk

Level 3 – Supervisors

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