100% online

All courses are entirely online with 24/7 access from any device.

Approved courses

All courses are certified by independent assessment bodies 

Instant certificate

An approved certificate may be downloaded at the end of the course.

course certificates

How It Works

Register Online

Click View Courses and select your course.  Course login details will be sent to your email. For details on multiple learner enrolment click here.

Begin Immediately

You will receive 90 days access to the course materials from the date of your registration. Course access is 24/7 with progress saved by the system.

The Final Test

The final exam is taken online and consists of a set number of multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 80%. There is no charge for resits.



Following a successful final exam submission, a digital certificate is sent immediately to the candidates’ email address. Course access then ceases immediately.

Interactive Online Courses

We offer a variety of interactive online courses designed to meet the compliance and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements of workers. Our Learning Management Systems also enable employers to deliver the necessary skills to their employees in a cost-effective manner.

Widely Accepted

Our CPD Certified certificates have been accepted by safety inspectors from a wide variety of industry sectors.

Instant Digital Certificate

On completion of our online courses, a CPD Certified certificate in PDF format is instantly sent by email. We do not deliver ‘Hard Copy’ certificates.

Translate Course Pages

All of our online courses can be translated into over 100 languages. Learners may take the final exam in their own language.

Multiple Learners

Enrol multiple learners in ‘ONE GO’. Learners will all receive independent 24/7 course access. Learners can train at any location using any device, PC / Laptop / Pad /Phone.

Train On Any Device

Our courses can be accessed on Mobile, Tablet or PC, Anywhere and Anytime. Start, stop, and rejoin the course whenever you like. A truly flexible option.

Interactive Training

Our online courses are packed with audio-visual training materials designed to ensure that users receive stimulating and thought-provoking online training.

Customer Reviews

Can never find time to do anything, but managed to finish the food allergens course as I could login and train whenever I wanted.
Food Allergen Awareness
HS Inspector visited last week, glad we all passed this approved training. Our CPD certificates look nice on the wall.
Paula Jones
Level 2 Award in Health and Safety
In-depth subject matter. It was easy to understand and follow the training instructions.
Level 2 Catering

10+ courses - 10%
50+ courses - 25%
140+ courses - 32%
200+ courses - 40%

Individual Learner Enrolment

All of our courses can be accessed by individuals who wish to take the course themselves.

Multiple Staff Member Enrolment

All of our courses can be used by managers who wish to provide approved training to their staff.

Learners Who Require CPD Points

Our courses provide tangible proof of Continuing Professional Development required by workers across many industries.

Learner Enrolment Discounts

Receive a discount of 25% if you purchase 50 or more of our courses in a single transaction. Discounts of up to 40% are available. Each learner will receive independent course access.

Group Leader – Admin Role

This role is given to the purchaser of multiple learner accounts. Group leader accounts have oversight over subordinate learner accounts and can monitor learner progress.

Schools And Colleges

Our courses are ideal for integration into existing study programmes, providing additional interactive learning support materials.

Replace Learners If Necessary

Easily substitute learners. Replace an existing learner with another, by directly amending the existing account. All account details can be changed by users within the account panel.

School & Nursery Staff Training

Our CPD Certified courses ensure that those providing services in a childcare setting, meet their legal training requirements

Flexible Payment Options

Courses may be purchased by card or PayPal. Purchases in excess of 10 user accounts may be paid by a Bank Transfer pre-payment.

Quiz Demo

Click or Tap here to view a demonstration of the quiz content of our online courses

Video Demo

Click here to view a demonstration of the video content of our online courses

Course Demo (requires registration)

Click here to register on a Food Allergens demonstration course

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