The REMOVE  button appears next to the name of an enrolled learner who has not yet started the course and is within the 90 day course access licence period.

This button can be used to:

1. Remove a learner from the group in the event that their email address was mis-entered by the Group Leader (within the course licence period).

2. To remove a learner from the group who no longer wishes to participate in the training (within the course licence period).

What happens

This sends a REMOVAL REQUEST to our Administration department who will remove the learner from the group.  Once the removal is completed the available registrations will increase accordingly.

This process is not automated and therefore may be subject to delays.  We endeavour to respond within 1 hour during normal working hours.

Not to be used

This facility should NOT be used if a learner has reported that they have not received login details.  On such occasions the Group Leader may use the RESET PASSWORD button.  This will send a password reset email to the learner.


Once removed, the email address can not be re-added to the group, as this will link to the previous session which may have expired.

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